2020 Summer Camp Refund Policy - Update

Dear parent,

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter.

The Washington Cathay Future Center is a subsidiary of the Tasly Pharmaceutical Group and Cathay Future Cultural & Educational Development Holding Group. Since we settled down in Rockville MD in 2015, adhering to the core belief of success comes from trust, we established an integrated educational service system serving students from age two through grade 5 and formed a professional team with more than 100 full-time and part-time staff who have extensive experience in their field of expertises. Over the past six years, our teachers have poured their hearts into every program with their love and passion for your kids, and we have been fortunate enough to witness our students’ success and achievement. Thus, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the progress and development we made from your trust, love and support.

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought great changes to the lives of all people. In addition to being a hard time for parents, the crisis has also challenged us at The Cathay School. Given the announcement by the MD Governor -- school closures until the end of this semester, and to ensure the safety of the environment at the Cathay facility and prevent and control the potential threat of epidemic spread, it is truly heartbreaking to share that we will cancel all onsite summer camps as originally planned to protect our students’ safety.

This is an especially difficult decision to make since the whole team has poured their hearts into preparing all year in anticipation of seeing your kiddos and bringing the high-quality camps to our families. The work of laying out summer camps, curriculum development, camp supplies preparation, technology improvements and teacher recruitments has all been finished and is ready for summer. However, we understand families’ uncertainty towards summer and the impact on each family’s financial situation. Thus, we have actively discussed with our investors in China and tried to come up with a reasonable plan to meet the actual needs of each family. In the meantime, we hope that every family can stick with us and help us go through this difficult time so we can continue to impart our mission and to serve our thousands of kids in the near future.

There are THREE options for you to selection from regarding your 2020 summer camp tuition:

1) Converting to 2021 Summer Camp Pass
*A Camp Pass is a Pass used towards any week and any camp subject during the summer regardless of otherwise advertised pricing.

A 2021 camp pass for you, 2020 campers, is $180 per week, that’s $40 less than this past year and is the absolute lowest price we will ever offer next summer. This low price is as a thank you for joining us in this effort and to invite our lovely kiddos to come back for next year’s adventure.

Please note: after selecting this option,

  1. Your remaining balance can only be converted to Cathay credits, used to apply to any Cathay programs without expiration date.
  2. You can feel free to transfer or sell your camp passes to your friends;
  3. If 2021 summer camps cannot be operated, we promise we will issue a full cash refund.

Parents can log in to the Parent Portal and choose the number of passes to convert. Again, the remaining balance after conversion will be automatically deposited into the parent account as Cathay Credit. It will not be expired and can be redeemed for any Cathay programs.

2) Converting to Cathay Credit

Cathay Credit has no expiration time, and can be used for any courses provided by the Cathay School. If you use credit to sign up for 2020 online summer camp courses, we will provide special discounts for you. We hope that parents who are interested in enrolling for online camps this year can keep Cathay Credit as much as possible.

3) Cash refund

If you are experiencing hardship caused by Covid-19 crisis, before 5/24, please log in to the parent portal, click Camp, select Camp Refund Request, and select the cash refund option. We will start a refund process after calculating a total amount of cash refunds on 5/25.

Please understand due to the cash flow pressure caused by the epidemic, the refund process requires the coordination of our holding group in China, local financial personnel, and the international wire transfer funds office in China. Especially, our office is in a semi-closed situation, it also requires a certain amount of time for the refund process. We promise all refund requests will be taken care of and processed. Please be patient and understanding.

Non-Camp Pass parents will be prioritized to be processed for a refund. If Camp Pass parents have special financial difficulties that need to be prioritized, please contact us at ticket@cathayfutureus.com for instructions. 

Parents can log in to the Parent Portal before May 25th to choose or modify the options. No matter which options you choose, we will provide you with the best value for the money you spend and a worry-free credibility guarantee for your options. We hope everyone can make a considerate decision based on your actual situation.

Online Camps: We will be taking our program to the next level in a few weeks and throughout the summer, offering a VIRTUAL camp experience that provides students with projects they can do at home with support from the Cathay School team. We will also continue to evaluate the possibility of in-person pop-up camps if things suddenly clear up in July or August. All updates will be notified to you as soon as we can. If we decide to operate onsite summer camps, parents can directly use the converted 2021 Camp Pass to enroll.

Finally, in order to achieve our common goal, to provide our children with a quality educational platform, and to accompany them to grow together, we sincerely hope that you will rally with us, support us, and cooperate with us as always. Please stay with us to overcome the difficulties and work together to build a predictable and beautiful future for every child.


Avery Wan

The Cathay School