Cathay VIP Class

Cathay VIP Classes

Select small, intensive student focused classes with curated topics and customization for each child. Four students form a VIP class, no more than six, with a highly qualified instructor and extra assistance as needed. Classes include video recordings for post-class review, extra assignment assistance, and additional support as needed. Your child can enjoy the VIP treatment they deserve in a specialized educational setting!

Rate: 30$ / Hr  25$/hr

  • 10 Classes Per Session 
  • Class forms as soon as 4 students join, no more than 6 students

The class time will be flexible, based on students' availability. 

Python is a programming language ever growing in popularity; it has quickly become one of the most widely used programming language in the world. Young programmers with deep knowledge of this language will have a leg up in the world of STEM which bring us to Cathay's VIP python course which provides in depth exploration of the Python Language and development of personal projects. Along the way, campers will gain an understanding for the general logic of coding and writing functional software programs.

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In this era we have multiple ways to express ourselves and get creatives; YouTube, Twitter, TikTok are just some of the platforms we can use to share our thoughts. This interdisciplinary course is designed for youth who want to learn about these platforms and video production. Subjects covered include communication skills, video production, and basic digital art. Student will start with brainstorming, researching and drafting. Then they will film, edit, add supplementary components, and remix their short films. Student will be able to create their own channels and present final projects.

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